Brussels, October 12-14, 2009
Lippens auditorium, Royal Library



Deadline communications

For practical reasons, no new communications will be accepted, even, as posters after Wednesday September 9.


Programme and registration

The programme is now available for the oral sessions, the poster programme is available too.

Registration will be possible at the IBIS hotel Grand-Place on Sunday September 11 from 5 to 7 in the evening.


Abstract list closed

The abstract list is now closed. Presentations could still be exceptionally accepted as posters. We thank you for your tremendous response to the call.


Travel funds

Travel funds will be granted in priority to students (graduate and undergraduate) and young scientists submitting an abstract. Applications should be sent to Dr. Beda Hofmann and should include:

  • a short letter of motivation,
  • a CV (age, field of research, present position, Institution, University, Laboratory, Address),
  • the abstract

Deadline for receiving travel grant applications is July 31, 2009

First announcement

This is the first announcement for the 9th European Workshop on Astrobiology. The workshop takes place on the 12th to the 14th of October, 2009,  in Brussels, Belgium.

The themes of the workshop are as follow together with the names of the members of the Scientific Organising Committee.

Chair: Gerda Horneck
Co-chair : Christian Muller, Emmanuelle Javaux, Véronique Dehant

1. Astrophysics, astrochemistry: Pascale Ehrenfreund, Luigi Colangeli, Ewa
Szuszkiewicz, Nigel Mason, Harry Lehto, Muriel Gargaud

2. Planets (atmosphere, interior, geology): Oliver Botta, Francois Raulin,
Helmut Lammer, Véronique Dehant, Alvaro Giménez, Jorge Vago, Philippe Claeys

4. Life in extreme environments: Ricardo Amils, Charles Cockell, Helga
Stan-Lotter, Anatoly Pavlov, Daniel Prieur, Petra Rettberg

5. Human space missions:  Martin Zell, Christian Muller

6. In homage to Darwin’s theory of evolution: from chemistry to life
(prebiotic chemistry and early biosphere):
André Brack, Frances Westall,
Emmanuelle Javaux, Jacques Reisse, Purifacion Lopez-Garcia

7. Planetary protection: Gerard Kminek, Max Mergeay, Mahulena Hofmann


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